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ជនជាតិខ្មែរកើតនៅលើដីខ្មែរ ត្រូវចេះខំថែជាតិឲ្យបានរុងរឿង កេរ្តិ៍ឈ្មោះជាតិ យើងបានថ្កុំថ្កើង លុះត្រាតែយើងចេះថែរក្សា។ ទោះបីខ្មែររស់នៅប្រទេសណា ចូរកុំភ្លេចថាខ្លួនកើតមកជាខ្មែរ កុំឲ្យបរទេស គេមកបង្វែរ ឲ្យខ្មែរនិងខ្មែរ បែកសាមគ្គីគ្នា ថ្វីបើគេហ៊ានចំណាយ ប្រាក់កាសចាយហូរហៀរយ៉ាងណា ចូរកុំភ្លេច កេរ្តិ៍ឈ្មោះខេមរា រុងរឿងថ្លៃថ្លា តាំងពីបុរាណ ព្រលឹងជាតិនៅគង់វង្សបានយូរ ទាល់តែយើង ស៊ូរួបរួមគ្នាគ្រប់ប្រាណ កសាងជាតិដោយក្តីក្លាហាន នោះជាតិយើងបានស្គាល់ក្តីរុងរឿង។


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speak Truth To Power (Courage Without Borders): Voices from Beyond the Dark, the play by Ariel Dorfman, based on book by Kerry Kennedy - PHOTOS of performance

 CIVICUS Cambodia, a partner of the
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights,
Voices from Beyond the Dark

Another Powerful Performance by The Phnom Penh Players
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Meta House German-Cambodian Cultural Center

The Cast:

Lesley Saunderson (Scotland)
Alistair Bond (England)
Dimple Singh Nandra (India)
Teia Rogers (USA)
Eric Amtalla (Kenya)
Katie Ng (New Zealand)
James Waters (England)
Emma Triller (India/Germany)
Matthew Tito Cuenca ( USA)
Cathrine Napier (Australia)
Daniel Nuss (USA)
Jeff Daigle (the understudy, USA)

Booklet in both Khmer and English, September 2011

CIVICUS Cambodia founding president Theary C. Seng introducing the Speak Truth To Power project and The Phnom Penh Players to a packed main gallery of Meta House, where the Photo Exhibition is displayed all of September 2011.

The female antagonist--WOMAN--(Lesley Saunderson), projecting the darkness from the back of the audience.

The male antagonist--MAN-- (Alistair Bond) and the female antagonist--WOMAN-- (Lesley Saunderson), planning their darkness from the ante-room.

Harry Wu of China
Packed main gallery, filling all 80+ chairs, with latecomers standing

CIVICUS Cambodia Theary Seng presenting a bouquet of flowers a token of appreciation to Lesley Saunderson

Star of the very popular TV series A Taste of Life, Amy Thandy, with a friend after the performance

The End.


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