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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prince Norodom Ranariddh vows to reunite the divided royalists

Tuesday, 15 November 2011
By Nguon Serath

Phnom Penh, Nov 15: Prince Norodom Ranariddh, in an exclusive interview with Nguon Serath,the editor-in-chief of the Cambodia Herald, vowed to reunite the divided royalists under an umbrella which is his own party.

The prince gave the exclusive interview just one day before his party is celebrating the fifth anniversary on 16 November.

The royalists were divided after he was ousted from Funcinpec which he led since 1991.

The prince showed his softer position during the interview, branding Norodom Ranariddh as a moderate party which will not play any role as an opposition party to challenge the ruling party of Prime Minister Hun Sen but will seek the cooperation for the sake of national reconciliation and development.

“Norodom Ranariddh Party will not be against the CPP (Cambodia’s People Party) or Human Rights Party led by Kim Sokha, or Sam Rainsy Party led by Sam Rainsy (who is now in exile). We will focus on re-uniting the royalists and Sihanoukists to join the Norodom Ranariddh Party,” said the Prince in a rare interview.

The prince said that it was not wise to confront with CPP and he advised his members to not challenge with the ruling party but to win the hearts of royalists.

Prine Norodom Ranariddh and his political life

The prince became the leader of Funcinpec in 1991. Funcinpec won the UN-sponsored election held in 1993.When the monarchy was restored in 1993, he became a co-prime Minister, jointly with Hun Sen. He was the First Prime Minister, while Hun Sen is the Second Prime Minister.

In July 1997 Prince Rannaridh was ousted in a fighting. After initially fleeing the country, he later returned to Cambodia to participate in the 1998 national election. His party suffered heavy losses but managed to form a new coalition with Prime Minister Hun Sen and became Chairman of the Cambodian National Assembly.

When King Norodom Sihanouk abdicated in October 2004, Prince Ranariddh was a likely candidate to succeed him, and a likely choice for king due to his popularity at that time.

However, he renounced interest in the post and later that month he was part of the nine-member throne council which convened and chose Norodom Sihamoni to be the king.

He was chairman of the Funcinpec political party but was removed in shame by party vote on October 18, 2006, led by once his closest advisor and general Gen. Nhiek Bunchhay.

Subsequently he established the Norodom Ranariddh Party (NRP) and in the 2008 national election his new party won two seats in the national assembly.

As the commune election and the parliamentary election will take place in 2012 and 2013, the prince is now leaving no stone unturned to bring the success to his party. However, the time will prove if his party will win the next two important elections.

The full text of the exclusive interview with him will be posted.


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