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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Islamist militants blamed for arson attack

A gang of Islamic militants is believed to be behind a brazen arson attack on an administrative office in Narathiwat province yesterday.
Witnesses said the attackers had intended to kill a Buddhist employee at the Bacho Tambon Administrative Organisation (TAO) office, but burned the building instead after the employee could not be found.
Seven armed men stormed into the office shortly after noon, Abdulwaha Dulayapinij, the office's chief administrator, said. He told police he and seven other employees were on their way to lunch when the attack happened.
"One of the gunmen fired a shot into the air and ordered everyone to stay put in Yawi [the Malay dialect spoken by Muslims in the South], and then asked if there were any Buddhists working here," Mr Abdulwaha said.
"I told him there were none, and the gunman became agitated and accused me of lying."
Mr Abdulwaha said there was one female Buddhist civil servant, Suchada Sae Li, who worked at the office as a community development officer, but she was away on leave.
Two of the gunmen then emptied a five-litre container of petrol into the file archive and equipment storage rooms, set fire to it, and fled the scene.
Staff, nearby residents and a local disaster relief team tried to extinguish the blaze, but the fire spread quickly and eventually destroyed the building.
Mr Abdulwaha said it appeared the assailants had wanted to kill Ms Suchanat.
He said the attack had left him and other staff members fearful of their safety and it was unlikely they would return to work until the office was rebuilt.
Meanwhile, in Yala province a police sergeant at a security checkpoint was shot dead by a sniper on Wednesday night, believed to be the first attack of its kind by insurgents in the deep South.
Pol Sgt Wachira Sangsri, 32, was shot in the neck while straddling his motorcycle near a security checkpoint in Krong Pinang district about 7.20pm. He died on the way to hospital.
A joint civilian-police-military force official said Pol Sgt Wachira was probably killed by a sniper equipped with a rifle and a telescopic sight.
The shooter was likely concealed in one of the nearby buildings and had deliberately targeted a member of the security forces, he said.
Pol Maj Gen Peera Boonliang, commander of the Yala provincial police, said it was difficult for security officials to shoot back because the gunman was in a public area.
The attack was being blamed on the group headed by Ismaae Rayalong, an insurgent leader wanted on multiple arrest warrants. He is known to be active in the area and allegedly orchestrated a youth uprising against state authorities in 2004 when the insurgency flared up.


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