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ជនជាតិខ្មែរកើតនៅលើដីខ្មែរ ត្រូវចេះខំថែជាតិឲ្យបានរុងរឿង កេរ្តិ៍ឈ្មោះជាតិ យើងបានថ្កុំថ្កើង លុះត្រាតែយើងចេះថែរក្សា។ ទោះបីខ្មែររស់នៅប្រទេសណា ចូរកុំភ្លេចថាខ្លួនកើតមកជាខ្មែរ កុំឲ្យបរទេស គេមកបង្វែរ ឲ្យខ្មែរនិងខ្មែរ បែកសាមគ្គីគ្នា ថ្វីបើគេហ៊ានចំណាយ ប្រាក់កាសចាយហូរហៀរយ៉ាងណា ចូរកុំភ្លេច កេរ្តិ៍ឈ្មោះខេមរា រុងរឿងថ្លៃថ្លា តាំងពីបុរាណ ព្រលឹងជាតិនៅគង់វង្សបានយូរ ទាល់តែយើង ស៊ូរួបរួមគ្នាគ្រប់ប្រាណ កសាងជាតិដោយក្តីក្លាហាន នោះជាតិយើងបានស្គាល់ក្តីរុងរឿង។


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Officials float sea channel plan

By Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit

KIEN GIANG, 30 January 2013: A sea route connecting the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang in Vietnam with Cambodia’s Sihanoukville and Thailand’s Trat province will be introduced to shipping companies this year.
Kien Giang’s provincial Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports director, Le Minh Hoang, said Vietnamese and Thai authorities had already agreed to open the sea route that connects with Cambodia. Kien Giang and Thailand’s Trat and Chanthaburi provinces discussed the project last week.
The route will be cover tourist sites — Ha Tien, Rach Gia and Phu Quoc in Vietnam, Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Trat and Chanthaburi in Thailand.

The director said: “It will help tourists cut travelling time between the three nations. It will take visitors about two and a half hours to go to Sihanoukville by boat from Phu Quoc in Vietnam and two more hours to go to Trat.”
The sea times appeared remarkably short and would be determined by the kind of boats could be commissioned for the service which was not explained in statements.
The sea route when functioning should attract international visitors, particularly European travellers, the director said.
Vietnam will also benefit from the route as many foreign visitors travelling to Thailand and Cambodia would also like to visit Phu Quoc Island that lies off-shore of Kien Giang province, he said.
However, all the three countries lack suitable cruise ships to serve route. No time-frame was mentioned by officials suggesting this project has not been fully embraced by private sector shipping companies prepared to make an hefty investment in ships and service support.
“In Kien Giang, only the Duong Dong shipping company is qualified, so we will encourage more local companies to commission ships with a capacity of 250 to 300 tourists to serve the route,” he indicated.

Kien Giang province is located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam, 250 km from the Ho Chi Minh City, and close to Kampot province in Cambodia on a shared border of 54 km.


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