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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Australia PM Gillard calls leadership ballot

Kevin Rudd sits beside Julia Gillard in the Australian parliament in May 2010, shortly before she deposed him as prime minister  
Kevin Rudd was deposed by Julia Gillard in 2010
 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a leadership ballot, in a bid to resolve who should lead the Labor party into September's election. A number of MPs want Kevin Rudd to take on the leadership.
Ms Gillard ousted Mr Rudd, then prime minister, in a 2010 ballot.
Opinion polls, however, show he is far more popular with the public than Ms Gillard, who looks set to lose the forthcoming election to the Liberal Party's Tony Abbott.
There has been no word yet from Mr Rudd on his intentions.
Ms Gillard's move came after a senior Labor MP called on her to act, saying the leadership issue had to be resolved once and for all because it was "killing" the party.
"I have determined that there will be a ballot for the leadership at 16:30 (05:30 GMT) today. In the meantime, take your best shot," she told parliament.
The deputy party leader role will also be decided at the same time.
Hung parliament Mr Rudd did challenge Ms Gillard for the party leadership in February 2012, but lost by 31 votes to 71.
In recent weeks, however, local media reports have suggested he was closer to marshalling the numbers needed for victory.
Ms Gillard became Australia's first female prime minister in June 2010, ousting Mr Rudd amid concerns over his environmental and taxation policies.
But many voters were angered by the move and the general election she subsequently called delivered a hung parliament.
Ms Gillard then formed a government that relies on independents for a majority, but public support for her has remained low.
Mr Rudd, meanwhile, served as foreign minister in her cabinet until his failed challenge in 2012.
In recent weeks, speculation that his supporters could seek a leadership change ahead of the election had mounted.
A change of leader could bring the polls forward if the support of the independents is removed.
The general election is due to take place on 14 September


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