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Friday, March 29, 2013

Battery overheats in Mitsubishi hybrid, from same manufacturer of Dreamliner power source


Battery overheats in Mitsubishi hybrid, from same manufacturer of Dreamliner power source
Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said at a briefing in Tokyo yesterday that the lithium-ion battery in one of its Outlander plug-in hybrid has overheated last week while it was charging prior to delivery. It said that the battery was found damaged and had a weird odor about it. It clarified, however, that no injuries or damage to dealership had resulted from it.
The lithium-ion battery for the Outlander was manufactured and supplied by the joint venture between GS Yuasa Corp, Mitsubishi Corp and Mitsubishi Motors. GS Yuasa, of course, is known as the supplier of the massively grounded Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Mitsubishi said that the batteries in its hybrid vehicle are made in a different factory and are designed differently from that of Boeing’s. In the initial assessment, Mitsubishi said that the short-circuit may have been caused by metal chips and foreign objects found in the battery. They may have entered the battery during production and passed inspection unmarked. It warns owners not to charge the batteries while they figure out the extent of the problem.
Mitsubishi Motors is said to halt production and deliveries of the Outlander. An official said that the estimate for stoppage would be one to two weeks. As of the moment, they are only contemplating on a massive recall, but none has yet to be announced.


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