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Monday, March 4, 2013

What would YOU do if you stumbled across a murder? Elevator prank captures people's reactions to a fake killing (and, yes, one of them even took photos on his cell phone)

What would you do if your elevator's doors opened to reveal one man choking the life out of the other?
That's what the minds behind Thinkmodo wanted to find out when they faked a murder in an elevator to see just how people would react.
'What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress?' asks the video's YouTube poster, BeatriceRevenge.
Scroll down for video
elevator murder experiment
Ready: The pranksters have everything they need to convince people a murder is taking place
elevator murder
Surprise: When people open the elevator this is the shocking scene they're greeted with
'Two guys asked themselves the same question and staged a murder in progress inside an elevator. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions. What would you do?'
It's a classic fight-or-flight test.

Some people immediately jump into the fray and try to save the man being strangled. Others just walk away.

elevator murder
Help: This woman tries to pull the victim to safety

elevator murder
Stop it: Yet another tries beating the assailant with her bouquet

elevator murder
Put it out: One man tries to cool things off with a fire extinguisher
Some seem too shocked to move. And one one sees it as the perfect photo op.

Besides being a great, living Rorschach test, the video is a publicity stunt for the upcoming film 'Dead Man Down,' an upcoming gangland thriller.
elevator murder
No thanks: Not everyone tries to stop the murder, instead choosing to walk away

elevator murder
Horror: Others are simply terrified and don't know what to do

elevator murder
Handful: One mover didn't have time to deal with the homicide
And while we hope we'd know what you do, this may be the sort of answer that you only discover when you're truly presented with the situation and are forced to act without thinking.
Hopefully if you do reach for your cell phone it's to call the cops, not take a picture.
elevator murder experiment
Leaving: This man wanted nothing to do with the deadly fight

elevator murder
Hold me back: One prankster could have gotten seriously hurt when this burly savior goes to pull him off

elevator murder
Post it: Why get involved when you can take a picture?


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