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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yala bomb wounds 6 militia

Six defence volunteers were injured by a roadside bomb explosion in Yala's Krong Pinang district on Wednesday evening, reports said.
The men, members of Krong Pinang district's defence volunteers, were patrolling a rural road near Luboh Talo village in tambon Purong in a pickup truck when an improvised explosive device (IED) buried in the road exploded under their vehicle.
The explosion overturned the vehicle and blew it off the road, Two of the six-man team unit were injured critically, while the others suffered lesser injuries. The seriously wounded men are Sabuaree Korlae, 35, the militia commander, and Madao Kortor, 30.
After the blast, a group of suspected militants opened fire at the defence volunteers, who returned fire. The gunfight lasted about10 miniutes before the assailants fled.
Investigators found a crater in the road, 80cm deep and five metres wide. Wires led from the crater into the forest, where militants apparently set off the IE


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