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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CNRP uses 'dictatorial' power to sack me: Lak Sopheap

Jendhamuni: For any of you who believes the words of Mrs. Lak Sopheap wholeheartedly, I would say, YOU know Khmers and understand political twist way too little. Unless you hate CNRP to the bone... Keep in mind, that Hun Sun and Yuon are very happy, knowing you believe rumors very easily, knowing you enjoy praising wrong-doers, and let the words of wrong-doers conquer you, that you no longer know what is right, what is not right...

Prime Minister Hun Sen talks to opposition leaders Sam Rainsy
and Kem Sokha after high-level negotiations at the National Assembly
in Phnom Penh last year. Heng Chivoan
Kem Sokha assistant grilled over Rainsy allegation

Meas Sokchea, The Phnom Penh Post, Tue, 30 December 2014

An assistant to deputy opposition leader Kem Sokha was yesterday questioned by a party disciplinary committee after going public with allegations of corruption in the CNRP.

Lak Sopheap, a Cambodia National Rescue Party central committee member, claimed over the weekend that Sokha had accused Sam Rainsy in a party meeting of accepting $20 million to negotiate with Prime Minister Hun Sen during the political deadlock earlier this year.

Ou Chanrith, chairman of the CNRP’s disciplinary committee, said yesterday that the allegations were absolutely false and that Sopheap had been given a further 24 hours to “clarify” her remarks. “If she does not follow this, I will call another committee meeting to take action according to what she has done and to protect the credibility of the party’s leaders,” he said.

Chanrith told the Post on Sunday that Sopheap could face dismissal for her comments, which she made at a forum held by Kem Ley’s Khmer for Khmer “social movement”.

Ley’s democracy-focused movement is being pushed as an alternative to the two major parties.

Sopheap – who claims she tipped off Sokha to alleged corruption in the party, but did not herself blame it on Rainsy – said she stood by her comments.

“I cannot say sorry, because I have not made any mistake,” she said. “I have told them I will not resign. But if they dismiss me, then fine,” she said.

Sopheap repeated on Sunday that “Mr Kem Sokha said that Mr Sam Rainsy received $20 million. Mr Kem Sokha raised it … on December 5.”

She alleges this happened after the tip-off, which implicated “party negotiators” in alleged corruption amounting to some $40 million.

In response to allegations of financial misappropriation against Rainsy, 18 opposition activists thumb-printed a petition on Sunday calling on Anti-Corruption Unit president Om Yentieng to immediately
investigate Rainsy and Sokha in order to clear their names.

However, they added, if the leaders are found to actually be corrupt, then legal action should be taken.

Sokha, currently travelling in Europe with Rainsy, was not reachable yesterday, but his daughter and party deputy public affairs head Kem Monovithya said the allegations were completely baseless.

“Kem Sokha has never accused Sam Rainsy of anything. They have been together for weeks in Europe meeting our chapters abroad,” she said. 


CNRP uses 'dictatorial' power to sack me: Lak Sopheap

The Cambodia Herald, 30-Dec-14 05:11PM

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Lak Sopheap, one of CNRP's vice president's personal assistant, said Tuesday that the CNRP used dictatorial power to sack her, claiming that she would not leave until there is decision from the party leaders.

Sopheap was removed Sunday from the CNRP after she recently accused leadership of the party of being involved with corruption associated with USD 40 million.

The ouster of Sopheap from the party was officially announced by Ou Chanrith, chairman of CNRP's disciplinary committee.

"The ouster is unjust because everything is decided by chairman of Disciplinary Committee," she said.

"Someone can not be ousted until there is a meeting convened by party leader and members of board of directors to vote in accordance with democracy."

"Everything is from them [Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha] who play a ball and they eventually kick the ball to me," she told the reporters.

"I am so regretful over this decision by CNRP, and what I have done for the party for 20 years is for the nation, but leadership of CNRP never pay attention."

Sopheap also said that she would file complaints with some institutions to ask them to help solve and find justice for her


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