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Thursday, October 20, 2011

No threat of chemical leaks in submerged industrial estates: PCD

No threat of chemical leaks in submerged industrial estates: PCD

Initial tests led by the Pollution Control Department (PCD) show that flooding in industrial estates does not pose any serious threats, such as leakage of toxic chemicals.

No contamination was found in the water around Saharat Nakorn, Rojana, Hi-Tech and Factory Land industrial estates in Ayutthaya.
Worasart Apaipong, acting director-general of the PCD, said that though the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was higher than usual in the water inside the Majend Makcs factory, it did not go beyond the safety limit.
"Flood waters in front of the factory do not have a high concentration of VOC, which shows that the chemicals used inside the factory have not leaked," he said, adding that more detailed tests would be conducted and the results should be ready in seven days.
Floods have ravaged several industrial estates in the country, raising grave concerns about the possible leakage of chemicals, including thinner and cyanide.
"Some chemical containers have been found floating outside but they are not broken," Worasart said, adding that all factory owners should find a way to keep containers secure.
He said another PCD team would inspect the inundated Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani soon. An informed source also disclosed that there were no threats of chemical leakage in Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate either.
Worasart sought to ease public concerns by saying that regular checks would be conducted at all risky factories.
"But if you have reason to be concerned or have any tip-offs of chemical risks, alert us by calling 1650," he said.
Meanwhile, Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri said the carcasses of drowned chickens had been removed from a farm in Ayutthaya.
"We will disinfect the water using EM balls to prevent the spread of germs," he said, referring to microbial (Effective Micro-organism) disinfectant technology.


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