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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Human rights group slams Cambodian lawyer ban

A Cambodian human rights group says the move to restrict the country's lawyers from speaking to the media is a "new low".
13 February 2013
ABC Radio Australia
The Cambodian Government says lawyers must have permission from the Bar Council before accepting any invitation to speak with the media.
Ou Virak, president of the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, has told Radio Australia's Connect Asia program it is one of many measures the government is using to limit public discussion as the country approaches its national election in July this year.
"This is a major blow not just for freedom of expression but also for our push for rule of law and the independence of the judiciary as well," he said.
The government says the rule is intended to prevent "negative consequences upon the people".
Mr Virak says the rule is unconstitutional.

"It's only intended to control those who have been publicly critical of the judiciary, those who have been publicly critical of political cases," he said.
All practising lawyers in Cambodia must be a member of the Bar Council.
Mr Virak says international donors working on rule of law programs and raising legal awareness among the population should hold the Cambodian Government accountable.
"I think donors who work on pushing for rule of law and democracy, they need to speak up," he said.


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